How We Make TERRA DELYSSA Olive Oil

How We Make TERRA DELYSSA Olive Oil

Terra Delyssa Olive Oil is Made from Olives

Terra Delyssa Olive Oil is Real You’ll be glad to know that Terra Delyssa olive oils are made from juice extracted purely from our olives. Our farmers grow our olives using chemical-free sustainable farming methods. Our farmers hand-pick the olives and our master millers carefully select and cold press them within hours of harvest. We package in a quality, hand-crafted dark glass bottle to protect our olive oil against exposure to light which deteriorates the antioxidants in our oil. At Terra Delyssa, you only get the best-tasting, freshest, premium olive oil. Learn more

How We Harvest Terra Delyssa Olives

Take a quick look at how we hand-harvest our olives. Watch the video.

How We Fill Terra Delyssa Bottles

Interested in how Terra Delyssa olive oil is bottled? Take a look here.

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