Terra Delyssa Olive Oil Celebrates a Harvest of Awards: A Tribute to Our Farmers and Master Millers

Terra Delyssa Olive Oil Celebrates a Harvest of Awards: A Tribute to Our Farmers and Master Millers

July, 2023 In a resounding testament to the dedication and unwavering efforts of its farmers and master millers, Terra Delyssa Olive Oil has garnered a string of prestigious awards on the international stage. These accolades not only mark the brand's excellence but also stand as a heartfelt homage to the hardworking individuals who cultivate and craft every drop of their acclaimed olive oil.


For the second consecutive year, Terra Delyssa Olive Oil has emerged triumphant, securing the prestigious Gold Award at the renowned New York International Best Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) for the organic and conventional extra virgin olive oil products.


The illustrious journey continued as Terra Delyssa clinched another Gold Award at Olio Nuovo Days, an esteemed international olive oil competition held in France. The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil secured the coveted gold medal. However, the recognition did not stop there. Terra Delyssa also received the distinguished CLASSIC DESIGN – Best Of Show award, a reflection of the timeless values we hold dear, values that our partners in the fields and mills uphold with unwavering commitment.


The London International Olive Oil Competition (London IOOC) witnessed Terra Delyssa's Conventional Extra Virgin Olive Oil achieve the Gold Quality Award, a testament to the brand's commitment to consistently delivering excellence. Simultaneously, the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil secured the Silver Award for its health claim, a demonstration of Terra Delyssa's dedication to producing not only traditional quality but also products in tune with modern health-conscious demands.


Venturing further into the global arena, Terra Delyssa Olive Oil's excellence transcended borders, capturing the hearts of discerning palates in Japan. At the Japan Olive Oil Prize, both the Conventional and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils clinched the Silver Award, establishing Terra Delyssa as a brand recognized across continents.


The journey of acknowledgment reached its pinnacle as Terra Delyssa's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil earned the Bronze Award at the Zurich Olive Oil Award, and subsequently, a Silver Award at the esteemed Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards. These acknowledgments humbly highlight the brand's dedication to producing top-tier organic offerings, attributing its success to the hardworking farmers and master millers who lend their expertise to the craft.


As Terra Delyssa Olive Oil proudly celebrates these international accolades, its true heroes shine through—the diligent farmers who tend to the olive groves with care and the skilled master millers who turn olives into liquid gold. With each award won, Terra Delyssa honors not only its commitment to excellence but also the enduring spirit of its community.

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