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Huile d'Olive Extra Vierge Onctueuse

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Les olives pour l'huile d'olive extra vierge premium Terra Delyssa sont cultivées dans nos vergers en Tunisie. Nos agriculteurs n'utilisent pas de produits chimiques ou de pesticides sur les arbres. Les olives poussent et mûrissent sous 320 jours de soleil méditerranéen. Les olives sont récoltées à la main et pressées à froid dans les 4 heures pour garantir une acidité inférieure à 0,4 %.

Saveur douce, douce et fraîche. Équilibré, beurré avec des notes vertes. L'huile d'olive extra vierge Terra Delyssa est idéale pour la cuisine de tous les jours, les salades, les trempettes, les marinades et lorsque votre recette nécessite de l'huile d'olive extra vierge.

La qualité de l'huile d'olive extra vierge Terra Delyssa est entièrement traçable depuis les olives de nos vergers jusqu'au remplissage de la bouteille en verre foncé avec les données cryptées par IBM Food Trust Block Chain. Scannez le code QR sur l'étiquette pour suivre vous-même le trajet.

Certifié casher pour la Pâque, projet sans OGM vérifié. Il est sans gluten, sans allergène et sans cholestérol.

Customer Reviews

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Scott Denham
As good as it gets!

Good friends said this was their favorite. They know their olive oil! Some 60 years ago Uncle Sam was kind enough to oblige me to live in Tuscany. For all these years olive oil has been a staple for us. However, my first bottle of Terra Elyssa has been my best education, best decision in enjoying a world class olive oil. This is a very fine product.

Smooth and flavorful

I first found your product in my local grocery store, Brookshire’s, and was attracted by the label and the provenance, and then more by the quality of the product. Recently they did not have it on the shelves, so I sought it out online and found that I could buy it direct. The quality is excellent and consistent. I expect to be ne a consistent purchaser.

Maureen Kovacs
New addition to my EVOO pantry

I heard about this EVOO from a blogger. So, since I was in advertising in my past life, I was totally attracted to the labeling. Beautiful yellow label and horse logo, holy cow! So, I went out of my way to search it out, at Walmart. Great price and they had a few varieties. I made roasted tomatoes with Burrata cheese and toasted bread with dinner. Loved this new additon to my pantry, it pours great and my husband liked it as well. I even bought 2 gifts for my friends.

love this oil

I sauted some vegetables with this oil and it came out really good. The oil made the vegetables more flavorful compared to the other vegetables oils I use. Also, I noticed I didnt need that much oil to cook with, a little went as long way which I really enjoyed. I can make it last!!


I absolutely loved this oil I grilled out and used this to cook all my veggies that I make to grill with and they came out wonderful I would highly recommend this to anyone who Is looking for a healthier way to cook with oil and give five stars to this brand and I'll definitely be purchasing in the future as well