Terra Delyssa Stands Strong with NAOOA in Groundbreaking U.S. Olive Oil Study

Terra Delyssa Stands Strong with NAOOA in Groundbreaking U.S. Olive Oil Study

As olive oil prices surge due to a consecutive poor crop in the Mediterranean, Terra Delyssa is proud to stand alongside the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) in its unprecedented U.S. Olive Oil Study. Our commitment to providing consumers with authentic and high-quality extra virgin olive oil is not just a promise but a practice deeply ingrained in our identity.


Understanding the Olive Oil Price Surge: A Consequence of Nature's Challenge


For two consecutive years, the Mediterranean region has faced adverse weather conditions, including excessive heat and drought, resulting in lower olive oil yields. These challenges not only impact the global olive oil supply but also raise the cost of cultivating olive trees for farmers, contributing to historic highs in olive oil prices.


Terra Delyssa and NAOOA: A Shared Commitment to Quality Assurance


In response to these challenges, CHO America, Home of Terra Delyssa, is proud to support the NAOOA's comprehensive U.S. Olive Oil Study. Led by Dr. Tassos C. Kyriakides, this study sets a new standard for transparency and quality assurance in the industry. But what sets Terra Delyssa apart in this landscape?


What Makes Terra Delyssa Different? Straight from the Source with IBM Blockchain Traceability


Terra Delyssa stands out as a producer, ensuring that you receive your extra virgin olive oil straight from the source. What's our secret ingredient? It's our commitment to transparency, facilitated by IBM blockchain technology. When you scan the QR code on your Terra Delyssa bottle, you unlock a journey – from the olive orchard to the bottle on your table.


Our traceability via IBM blockchain allows you to witness every step of the process. You get an exclusive backstage pass to the cultivation, harvesting, pressing, and bottling of Terra Delyssa extra virgin olive oil. This ensures that every drop you enjoy is not just a product but a story – a story of dedication, authenticity, and quality craftsmanship.


Join the Terra Delyssa Experience: From Orchard to Bottle, With You in Mind


As we navigate through the challenges of the olive oil market, Terra Delyssa remains unwavering in our commitment to providing you with an exceptional culinary experience. Join us in supporting the NAOOA's U.S. Olive Oil Study and experience the Terra Delyssa difference – a journey that begins in the orchard and ends with unparalleled quality on your plate. Scan, explore, and savor the authenticity of Terra Delyssa, straight from our family to yours.



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