Our Story

We Are Farmers and Millers

Our history goes back to many generations cultivating olive trees and producing olive oil. In the 1990s, CHO Company began selling its olive oil in bulk to co-packers and manufacturers in Europe. Dismayed to see our beautiful, golden, smooth tasting olive oil blended with lesser quality oils from other countries, we developed Terra Delyssa to be the ambassador brand of Tunisian olive oil.

We have built an integrated structure (horizontal integration and vertical integration) to support the authentic olive oil our ancestors first produced many years ago.

We Invest in Quality

Terra Delyssa stands for quality. We believe that by pioneering quality control in our industry in our International Olive Council accredited laboratory, we protect our farmers' hard-work and build a better future for our children.

We believe that our impact on the environment and the social wellbeing of our farmers is an integral part of the quality of the oil we produce.

We Practice Sustainable Farming

As farmers, we must protect our environment. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling, innovating our processes and our packaging. We achieve this by using sustainable farming methods and by using waste materials to create by-products of soap, fire logs, cosmetics and animal feed.

We are planting over 100,000 trees every year by converting desert waste land into irrigated high intensive orchards.

Our Inspiration

The brand takes its name from Queen Elyssa, first queen and founder of ancient Carthage. Elyssa (Dido) flees Tyr, Southern Phenicia to escape her brother, King Pygmalion, and murderer of her husband.

She is accompanied by a few faithful, taking the agricultural know-how of her country. The entourage first stops in Cyprus and then arrives in Carthage on the coast of present-day Tunisia.

Elyssa receives a warm welcome and decides to settle there. Thanks to Elyssa, the cultivation of olives expands throughout the country, as well as almond, figs, wheat and pomegranate.

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Our Logo

In examining the historic pieces collected from Carthage we were struck by the similarity in all coins produced in Carthage between 460BC and 100BC. All coins had the head of the queen Elyssa on one side and a horse on the other.

In her honor, we named our olive oil Terra Delyssa, the land of Elyssa, and chose the horse, Carthage’s symbol of fertility and prosperity, as our emblem. Queen Elyssa is said to have chosen Carthage in her escape convoy after the sight of a horse’s head which she interpreted as a sign from the Goddess Tanit.

The Terra Delyssa signature reflects the diverse cultural heritage of Carthage and modern Tunisia.

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Our Label

We are proud to offer 100% Tunisian olive oil. Each bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil features Block Chain traceability. By scanning the QR code, you can follow the journey of the olive oil from orchard, mill, laboratory, storage, bottling to retailer.

Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the first cold press of freshly hand-picked olives. The olives are grown on trees that have not been genetically modified and are gluten-free. Terra Delyssa is produced under the strict rules of kosher products and certified as Kosher Passover and Pareve by Star K. We are a member of the North American Olive Oil Association.

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