Refined Olive Oil

refined olive oil
  • Pure Olive Oil
  • Extra Light Olive Oil


The refined olive oil collection from Terra Delyssa is the best choice when you want a higher smoke point and less flavor than Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Pure olive oil, also known as Classic olive oil, contains 90% refined olive oil and 10% extra virgin olive oil. The smoke point of 425°F works well for roasting vegetables, soups and sauces. Terra Delyssa Pure olive oil has a mild olive oil flavor and very light golden color.

Terra Delyssa Extra Light olive oil contains 100% Refined olive oil. It was refined following a three-step process: deodorizing, decoloring and neutralizing. During these three steps we take all color and smell from the olive oil and produce an Extra Light olive oil that is perfect for frying and under 450°F. Terra Delyssa Extra Light olive oil has a neutral flavor and color and a higher smoke point than Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin olive oil and Pure olive oil, making it ideal for mayonnaise, stir frying and in all uses where higher temperatures are required.

Certified Kosher for Passover, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Gluten Free. Allergen Free and Cholesterol Free. 90% Refined Olive Oil and 10% Extra Virgin Olive Oil