• Pour about 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil into a small glass cup.
  • Cover the glass with your hand and gently swirl the olive oil.
  • Uncover the cup and smell the olive oil.
  • Slurp. Think about the difference
  • Swallow. Enjoy.


How long before my Terra Delyssa olive oil expires?

There are three reference points located on the top left-hand side of our labels on our bottles, the top of our tins, and the back of olive oil and date pouches. P = the date of Production (month/day/year). E = the Product Expiration date (month/day/year). L = Lot number. This Product expiration date reflects our estimate of when your olive oil might be expected to start “going bad.”

Because our olive oils are a natural fruit juice, grown and packed without preservatives, the actual usable life can vary. Under ideal storage conditions, your olive oil may last beyond the indicated Product Expiration date. Under unfavorable storage conditions such as prolonged exposure to air, light, or heat, it’s possible the olive oil could go bad beforehand.

We recommend using your olive oil or consuming your dates before the Product Expiration date. Please remember that all olive oil is best when used within the first three months of the date opened. We also recommend that you smell and taste the olive oil each time you use it, as you would for any other perishable food product. This is your best guide for freshness. We recommend storing your olive oil tightly capped in a cool dark place to keep it as fresh as possible. Please see our olive oil storage tips for more information.

What’s the best way to store Terra Delyssa olive oil?

Because olive oil is a natural product made from the juice of olives – air, light, and heat are its enemies. Prolonged exposure to air, strong light, or a high temperature in the storage area will shorten the life of the olive oil. We recommend that olive oils be stored tightly capped, away from any source of light or heat, and inside a closed kitchen cabinet.

Should I refrigerate Terra Delyssa olive oil?

We don’t recommend refrigerating olive oil as it can take several hours for it to return to its normal clarity, consistency, flavor and aroma.

My Terra Delyssa olive oil is cloudy. Is it still good?

Nothing is wrong with your olive oil if it is cloudy. Olive oil is liquid at room temperature, but when it is chilled, it begins to thicken and eventually congeal around 45°F. The olive oil was most likely exposed to a cold temperature during shipping or maybe even in your home, causing this to occur. It will return to its normal clarity and consistency, with no loss of quality, flavor, or shelf life when it warms to room temperature. This process can take a few hours or days.