Recipes using our Organic Dates

Fun and Healthy Lunch Box Ideas with Terra Delyssa Dates

Looking for a fun and healthy way to pack your kids' lunch box? Check out these four ideas using our delicious organic pitted dates. These snacks are naturally sweetened and have no sugar added, making them the perfect choice for a healthy snack or meal on the go!...
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Sticky Toffee Date Cake

If there’s a cake so versatile that it suits any time of day, it’s this Sticky Toffee Date Cake! Perfect for breakfast, tea time or dessert – this cake is so soft and moist with a light yet substantial texture....
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Chocolate Olive Oil Bundt Cake

This Chocolate Bundt Cake has no eggs so it keeps for days at room temperature. It also stays incredibly moist and has a perfectly even crumb. The combination of olive oil, chocolate, and orange is so exciting. Olive oil brings earthy undertones and fruitiness while both cocoa and dark chocolate add a hint of bitterness....
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Healthy Snickers Dates Bars

No mistakes in creating, no mistakes in baking, I believe no right or wrong! it's simple, tender, it is just enjoyable! Just like a tango dance، so soft and delicate! ...
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Dark Chocolate Dates Bars

This rich and tasty recipe for dark chocolate date bars can be made with healthy ingredients to fit anyone's dietary needs. These bars don’t contain any flour or butter which means they are gluten-free and dairy-free, and vegan! ...
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Olive Oil Brownies with Date Fudge Frosting

If you’ve never made brownies with olive oil before, then you must try these Olive Oil Brownies! You will be amazed at how moist and fudgy the texture is with using oil instead of butter. The flavors pair so well together, and we’ve topped them with a super fudgy frosting that’s made without added sugar! It’s just dates, peanut butter, cocoa powder, vanilla, and salt! You won’t believe how good it is....
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Banana Bread with Dates

Try this banana bread recipe with Terra Delyssa organic extra virgin olive oil and Deglet Noor dates for breakfast, teatime, or whenever you need your sweet tooth satisfied. It's perfect!...
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Superfood Salad with Dates

This superfood salad with Terra Delyssa Organic dates & EVOO is an excellent way to get your daily dose of healthy fats and fiber....
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Date Cookies

What could be better than a cookie that’s both sweet and nutty? Date Cookies! These Mediterranean-inspired treats are chewy with just enough flavor to keep you coming back for seconds. ...
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