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zaatar rosted squach with pomnegrenate
Terra Delyssa wants to partner and collaborate with you! We are interested in partnering with chefs and influencers who have a strong voice and presence in promoting traceable, clean, and healthy cooking.

Terra Delyssa ambassadors and chefs are asked to contribute high-quality original content in the form of photos and videos on social media and your website to share with your fans and grow the awareness of food traceability, healthy eating, as well as the importance of using products that you love. Your content and posts will also be shared across Terra Delyssa’s social media and By becoming an ambassador and chef, you are committing to building a relationship with us and sharing your positive experiences and impressions with the ones who follow you.

Écrivez-nous àsupport@cho-america.comvous souhaitez apprendre et devenir un ambassadeur et un chef Terra Delyssa.

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