Another way to use Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin olive oil to keep a healthy skin is by using it like a facial mask.

You can just wash your face with warm water to dilate the pores.

Dab a tiny amount of olive oil to your skin.

After it is absorbed, you will notice that the oil or sebum in your face comes out of your pores.

In just an hour of application, you will find your skin clearer and more radiant.


Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive oil can be used as a facial wash.

All you have to do is dab a small amount of extra virgin olive oil into your skin.

Do it in a circular motion

As it penetrates the skin, notice that your whiteheads or blackheads are being pushed out of your pores.

You can wash it off with glycerin soap after.

Follow this regimen promptly to rid yourself with oily skin as well as acne breakouts.


A little lemon juice mixed with Terra Delyssa olive oil can provide a more bracing and refreshing feeling.

It is possible to get a moisturizer made of Italian parsley, water, and Terra Delyssa extra virgin olive oil

Expect the natural benefits of Terra Delyssa olive oil to take a bit longer to be absorbed into the skin than most lightweight packaged skin products but the advantages can be longer lasting too.

You can also make a mixture of olive oil and a drop of lavender oil for a relaxing and moisturizing body bath.

Olive oil for skin also works great when combined with vinegar and water.

Olive oil moisturizes the skin while vinegar helps lighten dark spots and other skin discoloration.

It is best to use it at night during bedtime to avoid sun exposure.

Olive oil is also effective in soothing dry skin and preventing stretch marks such as during pregnancy.


If dry and scaly skin is a problem, It is suggested to mix Terra Delyssa olive oil and sea salt in a rub and massaging it into the affected area to slough off dead skin and enrich the healthy layer beneath it.

Or add a few tablespoons of Terra Delyssa olive oil with a drop or two of lavender essential oil in a bath.

This is a luxurious wayto relax, soothe and moisturize the whole body.


When used on hair and scalp, Terra Delyssa olive oil can be considered two products: a deep conditioner and a dandruff controller.

After shampooing, massage a mixture of equal amounts of Terra Delyssa and water into your hair.

Leave on for 5 minutes, then shampoo and rinse. Your scalp will benefit from healthy conditioning; your hair will respond with more shine and strength.


Pour 1 cup Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin olive oil into a bowl. Place the bowl in the microwave, and heat it up for about 10 seconds.

The oil should be warm and not burning.

Test the oil with your finger to make sure the temperature is not too hot.

Pour the oil over your scalp. Use your hands to massage the Extra Virgin olive oil into your scalp.

Massaging the scalp with Terra Delyssa helps blood to circulate through the scalp, which promotes the growth of hair follicles. Massage the scalp with the Terra Delyssa oil for about 10 minutes.

Wash the oil out in the shower with shampoo and water. Repeat this treatment a couple of times a week.


Terra Delyssa Extra virgin olive oil makes the perfect, simple solution for dry nails and cuticles.

Simply rub a few drops into the cuticle area and around the nail.

Cuticles stay plump and moist, and nails respond with a natural shin.


Just a drop or two of Terra Delysa Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a cotton pad is all it takes to gently and effectively remove eye makeup without irritating the delicate skin around the eye area.

The biggest added advantage is that when used consistently, Terra Delyssa olive oil can soften the skin around the eyes and smooth out wrinkles.